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Prism Comes to the Mac

Recently I mentioned Fluid, an application built on the same WebKit as Safari, which turns any web page into a stand alone application.

The Mozilla folks have been working on Prism, a similar (in fact it inspired Fluid) application based on the Mozilla engine under Firefox. The last time I looked they did not offer a Mac version but that has now been corrected with version 0.9

I’ve not used it much but, while it is similar, I like Fluid better, if for no other reasons than when you create a web applicaiton with Fluid the application name is the name you give the app whie in Prism it remains “Prism”. It also appears that you cannot “upgrade” the application you have created in Prism as you can with Fluid.

If, however, you have a web page that doesn’t work in Fluid it might be worth a try in Prism. I’d also keep an eye on both projects as I’m sure they will improve.



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