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A slew of releases from Apple and others

I poked my head up from three days of working hard on dual boot problems to discover a slew of updates had been released by Apple and others.

The big news is the release of 10.5.5, with a bunch of bug fixes. At the same time there was a security update for 10.4.

Apple Remote Desktop also got a version bump with some bug fixes.

VMWare have also released Version 2.0 of Fusion. Given the speed they released it after the release candidate it wouldn’t surprise me if we see a bug fix release or two from them in the near future, though the release candidate seemed solid to me.

Security white paper for Leopard

Corsaire, who seem to be an IT security firm based in the UK, have released a white paper on improving the already good security of Leopard. It can be found on their page of technical white papers. Essential reading if you have Macs visible to the wild and woolly internet.

They wrote incredibly helpful white papers on securing Tiger and Panther, I found them to be essential when securing OS X Server for a public facing web and mail server. If you are still an OS version or two behind then these are also available at the link above.

I guess we might find it amusing that they have yet to release a white paper on securing either Windows XP or Vista but I am too polite to make the obvious jokes.

Fluid adds userstyles in 0.9.3

Fluid, the webkit based app that turns any web page into a stand alone application has had a minor version bump.

If you’ve never come across Fluid before let me recommend it for adding site specific browsers to your arsenal when building images. It is trivially easy to use and the applications you build will even update themselves to new version of Fluid when available.

The minor bump does add a great new feature - “userstyles.” This allows you to specify CSS style information for any page using wildcards. Visit the Fluid blog for details, including a nice screencast showing the userstyles feature.

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Vuescan gets minor version bump

Vuescan has had a minor version bump to 8.4.81. I know that technically Vuescan is not a utility but I still think of as a tool - it’s got me out of many a pickle with old or misbehaving scanners. Just download the demo and i it talks to that hoary old scanner that does’nt have Leopard compatible drivers available then buying a Pro version of Vuescan is an ecellent investment.

Cyberduck improves

Cyberduck, my favourite open source FTP client (it also handles SFTP, WebDAV and Amazon’s S3 service) has had a version bump.

If you haven’t tried Cyberduck I recommend you give this excellent tool a try. It is incredibly well integrated with the Mac OS and has a superb interface; I never seem to need to open a manual to use it.



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