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Gutenprint gets an upgrade

Gutenprint is about to get a new version. They have a release candidate of 5.2.0 available and it offers another  huge leap in the number of printers supported and some new features supported in older drivers, principally Epson ones.

For those not keeping up Gutenprint is the new name (since version 5) of Gimp-Print. Gimp-Print started out as some printer drivers for Gimp, the open source graphics program, but outgrew Gimp and became the principal source of drivers for GhostScript, the open source PostScript clone. It then started supporting CUPS which meant it was easily used by Mac OS X.

You will notice when you look at the list of print drivers while adding printers that OS X 10.5.5 uses Gutenprint 5.1.3, though not the full list of supported printers. A new version of Gutenprint is therefore big news for those with out of the ordinary printers. The new version also has a completely rewritten and much improved PostScript driver, improved support of high resolution printing in some apps, most notable Office and improvements to custom paper size support.

Keep an eye on this and if Apple don’t roll it into the next system update you might consider adding it yourself. It’s an easy upgrade on the Mac.



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