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This site has been created to provide a single spot for people involved in Macintosh system administration and tech support to get news, assistance and information. We welcome contributions from everyone.

This blog is designed to give you news about new and updated tools you might find useful in your work. If you know of a new tool then drop a line to and we will feature it here.

You can visit our forum to ask for help, provide answers and make suggestions on improving the site.

The wiki is the place to go to share information on methods and procedures you find useful. You will find a growing number of useful tips and tutorials for troubleshooting and managing Mac systems with room for you to add your own or expand on one of the existing pages.

We look forward to your membership and contributions to a vibrant and informative community.

A New Tutorial in the Wiki

I’ve posted a new tutorial, “Safe, Secure Image Serving with Mac OS X Server.”

It details the method I’ve developed for using NetBoot and NetRestore to allow imaging Macs across a wide campus by a number of different groups while limiting access to the core setup of your Server. Hope you find it useful.

Dokuwiki fixed

I’ve fixed the problems with single sign on. The whole system now works perfectly, though each new member does have to be handled manually a little at my end. I’m working on automating it at the moment but that does not affect anyone else.

You can now log in on the blog and you will get the right permissions across the bolg, forums and wiki.

Problem with Dokuwiki authentication

There is a problem with the single sign on between WordPress and Dokuwiki that means that the WordPress groups are not being picked up by Dokuwiki. This means that at the moment there is no fine grain control of editing in the wiki.

As a result I’ve set it so that everyone can edit all of the wiki apart from the front page. I will post to the blog here when the problem is resolved - I hope in the next week.

Oops, WordPress gets hosed and re-installed

OK, so I made a fairly nasty error.

I accidently destroyed the WordPress database before backing it up and had to re-install WordPress. Therefore a few posts are now gone and a couple of other things died.

This also means that if you have previously registered your details disappeared so I have to ask you to go through that process again.

Back to normal soon - I hope.



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