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Pros and Cons of Using a Marketing Agency for Your Marketing Needs

When in-house marketing hits a dead end or when you have marketing needs that cannot be met by your current marketing team, a marketing agency will be the best option. You, however, need to understand the advantages and the disadvantages of choosing a marketing agency so that you can make an informed choice.


  • Saves time: When an establishment does not have the time to come up with a workable marketing strategy, a marketing agency will step in and serve the purpose. The management will be able to concentrate on building their brand while the agency works on attracting new customers to the business.
  • Multiple skills: An agency comprises of different experts who will work together to ensure that every marketing need is conducted by an expert. This will save the business from the trouble of having to employ different experts for each task in the business.
  • Diverse views: A marketing agency will be able to offer advice regarding what is supposed to be done to ensure a rapid growth of the company without any fear, unlike in-house marketing team that will be afraid to air any other view apart from what the management is suggesting for fear of contradicting the management.
  • Constant online presence: When a marketing agency is taking care of the marketing for you, your presence online will be all over without putting any effort. The agency will be able to manage your social platforms and also ensure that your website has been optimized to rank highly in the search engines.


  • Cost: The amount that marketing agencies charge for their services is too high compared to the cost that you would spend on an in-house marketing team. Based on the results, however, one can overlook the cost as the outcome will bring more earnings to the company than the cost you would incur for the marketing.
  • Loss of control: When you allow an agency to conduct the marketing on your behalf, you will have lost control over the selling of your brand to your clients. Though you will still have the final say before any decision is made, it will not be the same as when you have an in-house marketing team.
  • Wrong choice of agency: If you make the wrong choice of a marketing agency, you will end up spending a lot of money and fail to get the desired results.

It is important to conduct a background search on an agency before you can entrust your marketing needs to them. Look for reviews from customers who have used the agency for their marketing needs to know if they can deliver good results.

A reputable marketing agency may charge more for their services but the results that will be achieved will be worth every cent you will have spent on them. If you choose an agency because of the low cost for the services that they promise to deliver, you will end up getting poor results and you will have to spend more when looking for another marketing agency.

You should weigh the pros and cons of having a marketing agency running your marketing affair so that you will make an informed decision.



Limitations of Online Marketing

Online marketing is a great marketing tool in this modern age when everything is turning digital including the creation of brand awareness. However, there are limitations to this method of advertising that would make people unable to fully adopt it and some of these are:

  • Scam: A good image can easily be ruined by cybercriminals who are out to take advantage of unsuspecting people online. They will hack an account and ruin the brand image that had taken so long to build and all the gains that the business had achieved through the online marketing will be lost.

It is possible for a criminal to steal the identity of a business and use the credit card details to defraud millions of customers who have been relying on the business for the supply of the products the business sells. Customers who may be affected by such a scam may never trust the pharmacy or even believe that they were not working with the criminals.

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  • Cost: Though online marketing is regarded as cheap compared to the traditional methods of advertising, the initial cost of setting up the promotion is very high. You will need desktops, servers, hardware, web designers, digital experts, hosting fee, and the maintenance of the advertising campaign.

Despite the huge cost that you will incur from the marketing, you will not be assured of immediate returns on your investment.

  • Ad blockers: A business may use a lot of time and resources in coming up with an advert only for the Ad blockers to block the ads. The company would have ended up investing their money in an advert that will not reach the target audience and this will amount to huge losses.
  • Internet limitations: The majority of the ads posted online will only reach less than half of the target audience. Those who prefer to use the traditional methods like televisions will not be able to view the ad and this will be a big loss to the business.
  • Some of the most appropriate mediums of online marketing do not attract a huge following and one has to go for the most popular which will not be very convenient. A social platform will be popular in a certain region while little is known about it in another region. This may be limiting as some of the target audience may not be able to access the marketing campaign.

No matter how attractive an online advert is, many people will still prefer to see the product physically so that they can test if it is the right one for them. This means that online platforms are just an avenue for collecting data and people may not care so much as to where the business that is providing the info is located.

There are still a lot of people who do not know how to use the internet and the percentage may be as high as 50% in some locations. This will limit the marketing campaign to only those people who know how to use the internet.